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Introducing the new Board of the Vebego Foundation

The Vebego Foundation wants to extend its success in the Netherlands and Belgium to all the countries where Vebego operates. The Board, with current and new members, which will shape the international focus with fresh eyes, officially kicked off on 1 January 2024. We are happy to introduce them to you.

Rob Westerlaken
40 years in active service with Vebego, including as Director of Client Solutions & Specialties at Vebego Cleaning Services


“The Vebego Foundation is close to my heart and I’m delighted and honoured to be given the opportunity to make my contribution. As a Foundation, we can make a huge difference to people and should spread that message much more widely. Internally, as well as externally. Everyone should know that the Vebego Foundation is there for all those people around us who could use a helping hand. For children, young people and for employees themselves. I will work hard for that as Chair. Not only by showing that we are here, but also by listening. Do you know the Foundation? Why do you or don’t you use it? And, as our employee, what do you need?”

Helen Goutier
Marketing Manager Vebego Cleaning Services

Foto Helen Goutier

“What I think is so powerful about Vebego is that we are an idealistic and commercial company. We pursue a goal together: to make an impact, but always from a business perspective. The Vebego Foundation is a wonderful, hands-on example of this. With our knowledge, commitment and financial support, we can do a lot for people in vulnerable situations. With my experience in marketing, I can help make the Vebego Foundation become more visible and position it more firmly at the strategic level.”

Ferry van de Boomen
Treasurer and Board Member - Projects Abroad
Senior Group Controller Reporting at Vebego Holding

Ferry 3

“I know from my experience within the Foundation that helping people achieve “a better day for tomorrow” is overwhelming. Among other things, I have made construction trips to Sri Lanka, set up several cooperation projects with local partners there and have been active as a board member for several years. I hope to dedicate myself to and on behalf of the Vebego Foundation for a long time to come. And I’d like everyone to join us. Today, the gap between rich and poor is only becoming wider, with climate change amplifying this trend. My hope is that we all stand up and do what is within our power to make the world a little bit better.”

Sven Bloem
Board Member - The Netherlands
Manager Growth & Strategy at Vebego Participation


“Great Work. That is Vebego’s mission and I have completely made it my own. Every day I work hard to achieve wonderful, fruitful collaborations, both inside and outside Vebego. To help go-getters - people far removed from the labour market - get jobs at Vebego. And make them proud of their work. As a Board Member of the Vebego Foundation, I consider it my mission to develop new initiatives together with social partners. By doing so, we can reach and help even more people who are struggling.”

Chantal Moerenhout
Board Member - Belgium
Sales Manager Care and CSR Manager within the management team


“Anyone who knows me a little knows that I have a huge passion for Care and Vebego, as well as for social involvement. For example, together with my colleague Annemieke De Bruyne (Marketing Manager) within Care, I have already set up various projects and collaborations with social partners, including FEESTVARKEN vzw. So becoming a Board Member of the Vebego Foundation is a great step for me and a great honour. Together with my colleague Mouna Sarragi, I look forward to taking on the challenge of deepening and enriching the Foundation’s partnerships in Belgium.”

Shirley Michael
Board Member - Switzerland
Social Media & Communications Manager


My name is Shirley Michael and I have been with Vebego for almost three years. Besides my love of live music, sharks and travelling, I love to dedicate myself to my fellow humans. I am aware of how lucky many of us are, myself included. I would love to give something back and make a difference to those less fortunate. So I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to become a Board Member of the Vebego Foundation. I can’t wait to get started. To create beautiful ideas and plans together with as much positive impact on people as possible. I’m sure it won’t always be easy, but I like challenges. They keep me sharp.”

Felix Grönwaldt
Board Member - Germany
Head of Operational Affairs, Director of Landscaping and Industrial Cleaning at Vebego Germany


“Charity work has always been part of my work and life. From working with local partners in South Africa to volunteering in my hometown of Berlin. I love dedicating myself to helping people who have no or limited access to financial resources. In my new role with the Vebego Foundation, I can contribute to this and am really looking forward to it.”

Jacqueline Goedmakers
General Board Member


“I feel honoured to be joining the Board of the Vebego Foundation. My name is Jacqueline Goedmakers and I am the “little sister” of Suzanne, the former chair of the Foundation, and Ton, Vebego’s CEO.In my daily work - before in theatre and now in the classroom - I reach many children and can make a positive difference in their lives. Through the Foundation, I can do much more. Poverty leaves a mark on people’s lives that goes beyond having not much money; it affects how you perceive yourself, your environment and the world. Through the Vebego Foundation, we have the opportunity to create a lasting impact on the lives of countless children and their families. I’m delighted to commit to that. Children are the future.”

Rita Brouwer
General Board Member
Care Category Manager Hospitals at Hago Zorg


“I like to explore new avenues. I do this in my personal life by travelling a lot to unfamiliar destinations, but in my work, too, I am always looking for new opportunities. Eyes on the horizon and navigating towards it. This is also how the Vebego Foundation crossed my path in 2017. My biggest motivation is the impact we as employees can make on children. Just imagine all 40,000 of us doing something for our fellow humans! Just imagine each initiative inspiring another! Then, just imagine how many people you can reach in no time!”

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