Rita Brouwer

Introducing: board member Rita Brouwer

Rita is Zorgcategoriemanager Ziekenhuizen at Hago Zorg and has been a board member of the Vebego Foundation since 2017. ‘I like to explore new paths. I do that in my private life by travelling a lot to unknown places, but also in my work I'm always looking for new opportunities. Looking at the horizon and navigating towards it. This is also how the Vebego Foundation came across my path in 2017. When I was asked to become a board member, I didn't have to think twice. My answer was an unmistakable 'yes, please'.’

Healthy and safe environment
‘Through the Vebego Foundation I can offer children a great experience. I already did that in my free time through scouting. Building friendships, creating self-reliance and a sense of responsibility, accepting challenges, caring for nature and always helping each other. In good times, but also in bad times. These are important ingredients and experiences that I would like all children to have. For me, the Vebego Foundation is a great way of contributing to this from my work context too. In this way, we are working together on a healthy and safe environment for all children.’

Bring it on!
Together with the board and all my colleagues, I put my heart and soul into the Vebego Foundation and, in particular, into My Effort, My Project. Here all Vebego employees can apply for a sum of money to be used for their voluntary work or for another social initiative. So that everyone can make an impact. Imagine us, 42,000 employees, all doing something for our fellow man. It's not about big or small, but about the impact you make. And imagine that each initiative inspires another. Then you can reach so many people in no time. So here's an appeal to all our colleagues: bring on those projects!’

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