Do you want to know how the participants experienced the building sites trip to Morocco? Check out our blog with all the stories!

Our Partners

Do you want to know how the participants experienced the building sites trip to Morocco? Check out our blog with all the stories!

The project in Al Hoceima was created together with Santé pour Tous. They provide expensive medical treatments to the poorest people by working with Dutch doctors in the field and by training local doctors.

Sector Marokko

Projects in Morocco

2017 - 2019: Renovation of SOS Children’s Village - Aït Ourir

Aït Ourir is a village 30 km east of Marrakech.

After completing the project in Imzouren in 2016, the Foundation decided to continue its cooperation with SOS Children's Villages. We have renovated multiple family homes at the Aït Ourir location.

There are currently 84 children living in 11 homes, each with one mother.

2014 - 2015: Renovation of SOS Children’s Village - Imzouren

Imzouren is a town in the Nkur valley in the Rif mountains in Northern Morocco. The town is 18 km south of Al Hoceima, where the Foundation has also completed a project. Imzouren is a town from which many Moroccan immigrants originate, just like elsewhere in the Rif mountains.

In the Children’s Village in Imzouren 36 children live in 9 homes with a mother. The terrain also hosts a nursery, a recreation area and a primary school. All facilities are also used by the residents of Imzouren; therefore children and families are integrated.

In 2014, 2015 and in 2016 (twice) employees of various Vebego companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland contributed to the renovation of the school and the recreation area. The sanitary facilities have also been thoroughly refurbished.

2013 - 2014: Building waste depot hospital & Cleaning training - Al Hoceima

Through our partnership with Santé Pour Tous, we came into contact with the hospital in Al Hoceima. This city is situated in the Rif mountains in Northern Morocco. The hospital has a large catchment area and patients must travel great distances to reach the hospital. There is a major shortage in facilities and doctors. The hospital currently has just two surgeons. They perform 3,000 operations per year.

In April 2013 the employees of Vebego companies built a waste depot. Thanks to this depot, the waste flow is better regulated and hygiene in the hospital has improved.

The employees also contributed to the professionalisation of the cleaning. The local cleaners received a cleaning training and, together with our staff, put the new knowledge into practice.

These cleaning activities were carried out with materials and equipment made available by Alpheios and clients. A total of five wards and about 100 rooms were cleaned!

Posters were hung in the cleaned departments with so-called hand-washing instructions. The aim is to improve awareness and daily hygiene.