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Roll up your sleeves

Christian Klinkemallie is the financial director of PMC and ambassador for the Vebego Foundation. In October 2019, he went on a building trip to Morocco. It was an impressive experience, he says. ‘It was a lot of work, but it was very satisfying.’

In the SOS Children's Drop Aït Ourir, some 30 km east of Marrakech, there are currently 84 orphans living in 11 homes. Each house has its own 'mother' who lovingly looks after and cares for the children. Vebego Foundation is cooperating directly with SOS Children's Village Aït Ourir and local construction workers. Christian Klinkemallie helped to renovate one of the family homes during his building trip.

Christian looks back at an unforgettable week. ‘The hospitality is unprecedented. The kids, the foster mums and the staff of SOS Children's Village welcome you with open arms.’ But he has also worked hard, he says with a smile. ‘It's called Building Week for a reason! We dug trenches in the ground for the water pipes, painted the interior of the buildings and lugged up a lot of bags of cement. It was a lot of work, but it was very satisfying. Now, I've seen with my own eyes why we do what we do. And of course also because I was able to make a modest contribution to the renovation of a home'.

Looking out for each other
Christian already was an active ambassador for the Vebego Foundation and his passion for the foundation's work has only intensified. ‘I talk a lot about my experiences and also give presentations. That's how I try to make people aware of what's going on in the world and what you yourself can do. It could be a building trip, but it could also be something completely different. There are mine sides to volunteer work. The main thing is, to keep looking out for each other and wherever possible roll up our sleeves.’

If you want to know more about the Vebego Foundation's building trip, click here.

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