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Jarige Job: team building during an evening of gift wrapping

Josine Dekker, coordinator at the Vebego Foundation, organises gift wrapping moments for the Jarige Job foundation with a touch of team building. ‘Getting together and at the same time lending a helping hand for a good cause, that’s a great combination isn't it?’

Every year, thousands of kids in the Netherlands cannot have a birthday party because their families don’t have the funds. The Jarige Job Foundation gives the children a birthday box with everything they need for a party. This way, they can enjoy their birthdays. Josine, a colleague at Stoffels Bleijenberg, volunteers to make sure that the presents for the children are beautifully wrapped.

'While you are wrapping the presents, you can catch up with colleagues or meet new people,' Josine explains. A great combination, she is frequently told by volunteers. ‘Especially in these times, when we all so desperately need real contact. The gift wrapping moments are very cosy and you know that you’re making many children happy with a birthday present. You can even do some gift wrapping during a meeting, or do it as a team activity. ‘Combining the helpful with the gratifying,’ she explains. ‘Wrapping gifts is such a small effort. And then when you think of the effect it has on those kids, your heart just overflows.

Click here to watch a gift wrapping moment.

Do you want to combine your meeting or team activity with gift wrapping? Please contact Josine Dekker at

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