Ghana ... 10 jaar later, na de eerste steen

Ghana…10 years later, after the first stone

In 2011, the Vebego Foundation laid the foundation stone of the Vocational Training Centre (VTC) in Kumasi, Ghana. This is a shelter for young girls. At the VTC, they are protected from the dangers of living on the streets. They spend two years training to be hairdressers or seamstresses, which increases their chances of a better life. More than 50 girls have already graduated from the VTC, under the inspiring leadership of Sister Olivia and her staff. They can start their own business and pass on the knowledge they have gained. Since we were unable to make any building trips last year, it was decided to support this project with a donation. One of the things we purchased was a solar installation and we had the fencing around the VTC improved.

Want to know what the VTC looks like? Check out Sister Olivia’s video for a tour of the centre.

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