Voedselpakketten Sri Lanka

Food kits for 800 poor families in Sri Lanka

This year there is no building trip to Sri Lanka due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but thankfully we will be able to provide much needed aid to Sri Lanka. This time in the form of food kits, 800 to be exact. An entire family will be able to have at least one week's food from one food kit,' explains initiator Ferry van den Boomen.

The food kits are delivered to families from the poorest population groups in Sri Lanka. They certainly need it, says Ferry: These people have been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and on top of that the disaster with the sunken cargo ship . This caused significant marine and beach pollution and many people from the fishing industry lost their jobs. The government gives them little or no support.

By donating food kits in Sri Lanka, the Vebego Foundation is responding to the initiative of the Sampath Foundation. They too provided 800 families with enough food and drink for a week. The food kits are delivered and distributed in cooperation with a local partner, the Arthacharya Foundation.

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