Donation to SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine

Help children in Ukraine
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Donation to SOS Children’s Villages Ukraine
Stichting Jarige Job Nieuwsbericht 31 05 21
Stichting Jarige Job

Jarige Job: team building during an evening of gift wrapping

Josine Dekker, coordinator at the Vebego Foundation, organises gift wrapping evenings for the Jarige Job foundation with a touch of team building. ‘Getting together and at the same time lending a helping hand for a good cause, that’s a great combination isn't it?’
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Bouwreis Marokko
Building Trip Morocco

Roll up your sleeves

Christian Klinkemallie is the financial director of PMC and ambassador for the Vebego Foundation. In October 2019, he went on a building trip to Morocco. It was an impressive experience, he says. ‘It was a lot of work, but it was very satisfying.’
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Ghana ... 10 jaar later, na de eerste steen
Building Trip Ghana

Ghana…10 years later, after the first stone

Help with donations
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